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USED Tom Anderson / Drop Top Translucent Purple with Binding [03]

Serial Number : 102891A

[SN 102891A] USED Tom Anderson / Drop Top Translucent Purple with Binding [03]

Item Code: 03-2800001654312
Condition: USED
Store: [03] ochanomizu

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For customers residing in Japan
We have a used "Drop Top" made in 1991 with the first engraved serial! Many people are looking for the early version with 4-point joint.

Tom Anderson
Anderson Guitar Works was founded in the mid-1980s as a garage brand in California, and Tom's guitars have often been described as "the best guitars on the planet. Only the finest and most beautiful woods are selected from the lumber mill. The process integrates traditional handcrafting and state-of-the-art technology by skilled craftsmen to create bodies and necks that are especially precise and comfortable.

The company is also renowned for offering a wide range of pickups designed to deliver optimum tone, and for pioneering the use of UV paint curing to dramatically improve the sound potential of its instruments. The company's philosophy of "all the right parts, assembled just right" was truly reflected in the playability and sound of its instruments. This means that when you pick up a Tom Anderson, you can be assured of consistent quality and equally outstanding performance, no matter which model you choose.

Tom Anderson guitars have been used by many famous musicians, including Richie Sambora, John Sykes, Vivian Campbell, and many other great hard rock guitarists, and surprisingly, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones also used Tom Anderson guitars. There was also a time when Keith Richards and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones were using it. Also, Kirk Hammett of Metallica has a model with a unique design. In Japan, DAITA is famous for using this model. There are many others. This brand is also famous for the very small number of pieces produced each year. The spirit of the company, which insists on handmade products, and never breaks the system to assemble and ship one by one with certain accuracy, is still alive and well today. It is said that only about 600 pieces are produced per year, and only about 100 of them enter Japan. Considering this, the fact that so many big-name musicians own these instruments in spite of the very small number produced means that a very high percentage of them are in the hands of professionals, and once again, the greatness of this brand can be understood.

Body, Neck, Fingerboard
This guitar has a quilted maple top and back made of basswood, which has flat acoustic characteristics.
The neck is made of hard rock maple and the fingerboard is made of Perferro. Only the neck is satin-finished to ensure playability.

The default pickups are "SK1R SK1 H2+", but they have been changed to "SK1 SK1 H3" pickups.
The SK1 pickups are stacked type pickups, which allows for a thicker sound while retaining the nuance of a single coil.

The H3 pickups are Tom Anderson quarter-pounder type pickups with a stronger output.
This layout is recommended for those who want to play hard rock.

Of course, the factory pickups that were installed will be included.

The most famous Tom Anderson "switcheroo (=Switcheroo)" system is used. A 3-point mini-switch is installed for each pickup.
1) Series (= in series)
2) Off
3) Parallel (= parallel)
This allows you to use all combinations of pickups.

You can make your own combination here, but when it comes time for a guitar solo, you can call up the "full tone rear humbucker" with one shot, and with the "blower switch" that allows you to return to the previous setting with one shot, you can use it live with peace of mind.

There are many dents and scratches on the overall appearance, which is commensurate with the year of manufacture, but there are no problems with playability.

* The strap pin has been replaced. Please use a 9/64" Allen wrench for the lock nut.
* Please note that this product cannot be moved from one store to another due to its characteristics.
Year of manufacture: 1991
Country of manufacture: USA

Weight: 3.50kg
Serial number: 10-28-91A
Fret remaining: 80% approx.
Truss Rod:Tighten/Loosen direction
Neck Condition: No problem
Case: Hard case (genuine)
Accessories: Arm, strap pin, spec sheet

Item rank: B
1991年製、刻印シリアル最初期の「Drop Top」が中古で入荷!初期仕様の4点止めジョイントの個体をお探しの方が多い印象です。

Tom Anderson
1980年代中頃にカリフォルニアのガレージブランドとして創業したAnderson Guitar Works、トムの製作するギターは、しばしば「地球上で最良のギター」だと評されてきました。きわめて上質で美しいウッドマテリアルのみを製材所から選定。とりわけ精密で快適なボディとネックを作り上げるために、熟達した職人による伝統的な手作業、最新テクノロジーを統合したプロセスが実践されております。


Tom Andersonのギターは有名ミュージシャンも多数使用しており、リッチーサンボラ、ジョンサイクス、ヴィヴィアン・キャンベル等‥ハードロック系の大物ギタリストが使用している事で有名ですが、意外な人物としてローリング・ストーンズのキースリチャーズとミックジャガーが使用していた事もありました。また、メタリカのカークハメットも独特なデザインのモデルを所持してますね。日本ではDAITAさんの使用が有名です。他にも多数いらっしゃいます。年間の生産本数が非常に少ない事でも有名なこのブランド。あくまでハンドメイドに拘り、1本1本確実な精度で組み込み出荷する体制を一切崩さない企業精神は今もなお健在です。年間で600本前後しか生産せず、日本に入ってくるのはそのうち100本程度と言われております。そう考えると非常に少ない生産本数に対してこれだけ多くの大物ミュージシャンが所有しているとなると、非常に高い確率でプロの手に渡っている事になり、あらためてこのブランドの凄さが身に染みて分かります。


ピックアップはデフォルトは「SK1R SK1 H2+」の様ですが、「SK1 SK1 H3」ピックアップに変更されております。






* ストラップピンが交換されております。またロックナットにつきましては「9/64インチの六角レンチ」をご使用くださいませ。
* 商品の特性上、店舗間の移動等が出来かねますのでご容赦くださいませ。



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