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USED GIBSON / Southern Jumbo 1967 [05]

Serial Number : 059087

[SN 059087] USED GIBSON / Southern Jumbo 1967 [05]

Item Code: 05-2800001915413
Condition: USED
Store: [05] shibuya

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Gibson Southern Jumbo made in 1967 is now in stock.
The Southern Jumbo is often associated with a round shoulder like the body of the J-45, but the adjustable saddle and the square shoulder familiar to country western players are also famous as SJ's specifications. This instrument is made of spruce on the body top, mahogany on the body sides and back, and a narrow neck with a head angle of 14 degrees and a measured value of about 40mm. This is one that can be enjoyed to the fullest. The narrow neck makes it ideal for stroke playing with a firm grip on the neck, but it also has enough playability to support both technical playing and relaxed arpeggio playing, as the strings have a good tension and are easy to press. This instrument was made in 1967 with a second engraving on the back of the head, and is in good condition for its age, with the bridge re-glued, pickguard re-glued, binding cracked due to binding shrinkage, and paint cracked due to wood shrinkage. There is a crack on the top of the body near the lower binding of the bridge, which has been patched from the back of the body. Many vintage guitars have been refinished, neck reset, and various parts replaced to maintain the playing condition and looks, but this one has only had the nut and saddle replaced, and the pegs, pickguard, and bridge pins are original. The pegs, pickguard, bridge pins, etc. are original, and there has been no refinishing or neck resetting. As mentioned above, the patches have been repaired due to cracking, but considering that the paint is also in its original condition, it is thought that the patches were repaired in advance to prevent the cracks from worsening in areas where there were signs of cracking or slight paint cracks caused by wood shrinkage, so it seems that the guitar has been used with great care. The neck condition is also very good. The neck condition is also very good, with no major warping, twisting, or breaking at the waist, and the frets have been rubbed together, so the playability is excellent. The fretboard has been rubbed, so the playability is excellent. The sound is so sublimated that even the string chatter can be felt as a taste.
This is a very rare condition guitar, so if you are interested in this guitar, please consider buying it as soon as possible.
* Genuine chipboard case included.
Item rank: B: Fairly scratched and used, but no problem in normal use.
Year of manufacture: 1967

Serial Number:-
Case:- kg
Weight:- kg
Fret remaining: 60%-70%.
Truss Rod: Tighten/Loosen direction
Neck Condition: No problem
Manual: No
Other Accessories: None
Note: Other accessories are shown in the picture only.

Please read carefully.
* This item is a used item and only one of the actual item is available.
* There are scratches, dents, etc. due to use that are difficult to see in the pictures. Please understand in advance.
* In addition, because it is listed in multiple malls, there is a time lag in the sales situation and inventory situation, there is no real time.
Therefore, there is a possibility that the item has already been sold at the time of order.
1967年製、Gibson Southern Jumbo が入荷。
Southern Jumboと言えばJ-45のボディと同じくラウンド・ショルダーとイメージされるSJですが、アジャスタブル・サドルの仕様とカントリー・ウェスタンでお馴染みのスクエア・ショルダーもSJの仕様として実は有名。シェリル・クロウが使用していた事でも有名となった本器は、ボディ・トップにスプルース、ボディ・サイド&バックにマホガニー、ヘッド角14°実測値約40mmのナローネックが採用された、ギブソンらしいガリンガリンとラウドに鳴ってくれる骨太サウンドを存分に楽しむ事が出来る一本。ナローネックである事から、しっかりとネックを握り込みながらストローク・プレイで掻き鳴らす演奏に相性抜群ですが、弦のテンション感も程よく押弦しやすい為、テクニカルなプレイからゆったりとしたアルペジオにも十分対応するプレイアビリティも兼ね備えています。本器はヘッド裏にセカンド刻印が打たれている1967年製で、ブリッジの再接着、ピックガードの再接着、バインディング収縮によるバインディング割れ、木部の収縮による塗装割れといった経年変化による年代相応のコンディション。ボディ・トップのブリッジ下部バインディング付近に割れが起こっており、ボディ裏よりパッチ修正が行われております。ヴィンテージとなればプレイコンディションやルックスを維持する為に、リフィニッシュやネックリセット、様々なパーツ交換が行われている状態の個体も多く存在しますが、こちらの個体はナット・サドルの交換がされているのみで、ペグやピックガード、ブリッジピンなどオリジナルで、リフィニッシュやネックリセットも行われておらず、アジャスタブル・サドルの高さ調整ネジ、付属のチップボードケースまでもオリジナルの非常に貴重な一本。前述の通り、割れに伴うパッチ修正が行われておりますが、塗装もオリジナルの状態である事を考慮すると、割れの兆候があった箇所、もしくは木部の収縮によって起こった僅かな塗装割れに対し、割れの悪化を防ごうと事前にパッチ修整を行ったと考えられる為、非常に大切に使用されてきたことが伺えます。ネックコンディションも非常に良好で、大きく反りや捻じれ・腰折れも無くフラットな状態が保たれ、フレットの擦り合わせも行われている事からプレイアビリティは抜群です。抜群のコンディションである事も特質すべき点ですが、ローからハイまで気持ちよく抜ける、これぞヴィンテージのギブソン・アコースティック・サウンドと言える音色も最大の魅力。1・2弦ローフレット辺りではややビリ付きの傾向がありますが、弦のビリ付き音すらも味わいとして感じる事が出来るほど素晴らしいサウンドに昇華されております。
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