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YAMAHA / FSX5 Vintage Natural (VN) [20]

Serial Number : III242A

[SN III242A] YAMAHA / FSX5 Vintage Natural (VN) [20]

Item Code: 20-1R9L5N0JK-242A
Store: [20] fukuoka
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<Sitka spruce veneer is used for the top board.
The top is made of A.R.E.-treated Sitka spruce veneer. The top is made of A.R.E. treated Sitka spruce veneer. Although new, it has a rich sound as if it has been played for many years, and the warm mid-low frequency range of mahogany wood produces a powerful resonance. The cohesive sound is ideal for chord strokes and rhythmic fingerstyle playing.

<Side and back are made of solid mahogany veneer.
Side and back are made of solid mahogany. The side and back are made of solid mahogany, which produces a warm and rich midrange that is unique to mahogany.

<Cow bone upper and lower bridge pieces
The upper and lower bridge pieces are made of cow bone (#5 grade only). The bone is extremely hard and allows for more effective transmission of sound from the strings to the neck and body. The installation and adjustment of the ox bone nut requires a high level of skill, and each guitar is carefully crafted by skilled guitar craftsmen in Japan.

<Newly developed scalloped bracing
The scalloped bracing used on the FG/FS#800 series has been improved through a combination of pseudo prototyping using the latest acoustic analysis simulation technology and prototyping by wood craftsmen. The scalloped bracing used in the FG/FS#800 series has been optimized to match the characteristics of the wood itself and the FG and FS models to achieve further expansion of the low frequency range.

<A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) processing
Yamaha's proprietary Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E.) process is applied to the surface plate. By precisely controlling temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, the same changes that occur over time in lumber after it has been milled are produced in a short period of time, thereby improving sound transmission and vibration efficiency. A.R.E. processing produces a warm, matured sound with good balance and few annoying overtones, making it sound like a guitar that has been played for many years.

<The newly developed "Atmosfeel" pickup system is installed.
The newly developed Atmosfeel 3-way pickup system consists of three different pickups that reliably capture each frequency range: a piezo sensor in the undersaddle for the mid and low frequencies, a microphone in the preamp for the low frequencies, and a proprietary, extremely thin contact sensor for the high frequencies. By adding a contact sensor made of thin and durable piezoelectric synthetic paper inside (near the back of the bridge), we were able to reproduce the cohesiveness of string vibrations coming out of the soundhole, the lingering sound of each string, the touch feeling when fingering, and the airy and delicate sound brought by the overtone components in the upper register that conventional pickups could not pick up. and delicate sounds brought about by overtone components in the high frequency range. The sound of a live acoustic guitar is reproduced as it is in the line out.

Main Specifications
Fork body type
Body length 497mm
Body width (max.) 380mm
Body thickness 90-110mm
String length 634mm
Total length 1021mm
Fingerboard width(upper bridge/body joint)44mm/55mm
Top boardSitka spruce veneer A.R.E.
Bracing ShapeScalloped Bracing
BackboardMahogany Veneer
SideboardMahogany Veneer
Neck Mahogany
fingerboard ebony or striped ebony
ebony or striped ebony for the lower bridge
Pillow Cattle bone
Spindle Crewson, open gear (Y1D)
Cattle bone for the upper bridge
Paint Semi-gloss finish
Pickup SystemSYSTEM74(Hybrid 3-way system)Atmosfeel
ControllerEQ(Bass)/Master Volume/Mic Blend
Serial: III242A
Weight: 2.10kg
Accessories:Hard case, sound hole cover, batteries
TopはA.R.E.を施したシトカスプルース単板を採用。 新品でありながら長年弾きこんだかのような豊かな鳴りと、マホガニー材ならではの暖かみのある中低域によるパワフルな響きを実現しています。 まとまりのあるサウンドは、コードストローク、またはリズミックなフィンガースタイルの演奏に最適です。




<A.R.E.(Acoustic Resonance Enhancement)加工>
表板には、ヤマハ独自のAcoustic Resonance Enhancement(A.R.E.)を施しています。温度、湿度、気圧を高精度に制御することにより、製材後長期間を経た木材の経年変化と同様の変化を短期間で生みだすことによって音の伝達と振動効率を上げ、中低音成分の伸びの促進と高音成分の立ち上がりの増大や減衰の高速化を実現。A.R.E.処理を施すことにより、バランスが良く耳障りな倍音成分の少ない熟成された温かみのあるサウンドが得られ、何年も弾き込んだギターのような音を作り出します。

新開発Atmosfeel(アトモスフィール)の3Wayピックアップシステムは、アンダーサドルのピエゾセンサーが中低域を、プリアンプに搭載されたマイクが低域を、独自開発の非常に薄いコンタクトセンサーが高域を、3つの異なるピックアップが各音域を確実に捉えます。 薄くて耐久性のある圧電性合成紙を使ったコンタクトセンサーを内部(ブリッジ裏近く)に加えることで、従来のピックアップでは拾いきれなかったサウンドホールから出る弦振動のまとまり、一弦ごとの余韻、フィンガリング時のタッチ感、高音域の倍音成分によってもたらされる空気感や繊細な音を再現。アコースティックギターを生音で弾いている時の感覚をそのままラインアウトします。

表板シトカスプルース単板 A.R.E.
糸巻クルーソン オープンギア(Y1D)
コントローラーEQ(Bass)/Master Volume/Mic Blend

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