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USED BOSS / GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor GT1000 [03]

USED BOSS / GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor GT1000 [03]

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GT-1000 in stock, used!
No signs of having been opened, never used!

The next generation of premium tone created with the best of cutting-edge technology!

The GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor is a next-generation floorstanding guitar amp/effects unit that combines the most advanced DSP technology with BOSS' knowledge and experience accumulated over many years of effects/amp development in a slim, thoroughly streamlined chassis that pursues sound quality and expressiveness to the extreme. The new BOSS DSP is a next-generation floor-type guitar amp/effects unit.
It is equipped with an ultra-high-speed custom DSP chip developed specifically for music applications, and achieves industry-leading ultra-high sound quality with a sampling rate of 96 kHz, 32-bit AD/DA conversion, and 32-bit float (floating-point) internal processing. In addition, the innovative AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology was newly developed based on Tube Logic, a design concept for tube amp sound that has been incorporated into numerous amp products and has received high acclaim. This technology reproduces the complex behavior created by the interaction of the entire amplifier, which was previously thought to be impossible to achieve with a floor-type unit, in any connection environment, and enables realistic and musical response and sound at all times. The GT-1000 is the next-generation amplifier at the heart of the GT-1000.
The GT-1000 also incorporates many of the latest effects designed with the MDP technology used in the X series of compact pedals and the advanced algorithms used in the DD-500 Delay, MD-500 Modulation, and RV-500 Reverb. Combined with advanced routing and assignment/control functions, wireless editing via Bluetooth(R), and a wide variety of input/output terminals, this product provides all guitarists with the highest level of expression in any situation.

1. The pinnacle model of the floor-type guitar amp/effects unit, born from a thorough pursuit of uncompromising sound quality and expressive power.
2. Industry-leading ultra-high sound quality with a sampling rate of 96 kHz, 32-bit AD/DA conversion, and 32-bit float (floating point) internal processing.
Next-generation BOSS custom DSP engine designed specifically for musical instruments
The latest AIRD (Augmented Impulse Resonance Dynamics) technology, embodying the Tube Logic concept in a floorstanding unit, enabling the intended sound design in any connected environment.
5. A number of expressive AIRD amplifiers with superb sound and response created by the complex interaction of the amplifiers as a whole.
6. Many high-quality BOSS effects, including the cutting-edge MDP effect and advanced algorithmic effects ported from the DD-500 Delay, MD-500 Modulation, and RV-500 Reverb.
7. Effects chain function that allows you to combine amps and effects in series/parallel connection with various routing options.
Ultra-fast tone switching and delay/reverb carry-over function
STOMPBOX function allows multiple patches to share settings and easily change settings as if they were connected to a compact pedal.
10. 10 footswitches and expression pedals with freely assignable functions and LED colors
High-precision tuner with two display modes for both mono and polyphonic tuning
12. Built-in Bluetooth(R) functionality for wireless patch editing/managing from a dedicated iOS/Android-compatible editor

* Images shown are samples.


GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor は、音質と表現力を極限まで追求し、最先端のDSP テクノロジーと長年のエフェクト/アンプ開発で培ってきたBOSS の知識と経験を、徹底的に無駄を排除したスリムな筐体に結集させた、次世代のフロア型ギター・アンプ/エフェクト・ユニットです。
音楽用途に特化して新開発された超高速カスタムDSP チップを搭載、サンプリング・レート96kHz、AD/DA 変換32bit、内部演算32bit float(浮動小数点)処理という業界最高クラスの超高音質を実現しています。また、数々のアンプ製品に取り入れられ高い評価を受けてきた、チューブ・アンプ・サウンドの設計コンセプトTube Logicをもとに、AIRD(Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics)という革新的な技術を新開発。この技術により、フロア型のユニットでは今まで実現不可能とされていた、アンプ全体の相互作用によって生まれる複雑な動作をどのような接続環境でも再現し、常にリアルで音楽的なレスポンスとサウンドを得ることができる、次世代のアンプがGT-1000 の心臓部に搭載されました。
さらに、コンパクト・ペダルのX シリーズで使われているMDP 技術や、DD-500 Delay、MD-500 Modulation、RV-500 Reverb にも採用されている高度なアルゴリズムにより設計された最新のエフェクトも多数内蔵。高度なルーティングやアサイン/コントロール機能、Bluetooth(R)によるワイヤレス・エディットや豊富な入出力端子との組み合わせにより、全てのギタリストにあらゆるシチュエーションで最高の表現力を提供してくれます。

2.サンプリング・レート96kHz、AD/DA 変換32bit、内部演算32bit float (浮動小数点) 処理という業界最高クラスの超高音質を実現
3.楽器専用に新しく設計された次世代の BOSS カスタム DSP エンジンを搭載
4.最新の AIRD (Augmented Impulse Resonance Dynamics) テクノロジーにより、Tube Logic コンセプトをフロア型ユニットで体現、あらゆる接続環境で意図した通りのサウンド・デザインが可能
5.アンプ全体の複雑な相互作用によって生まれる極上のサウンドとレスポンスを備えた、表現力豊かなAIRD アンプを多数搭載
6.最先端の MDP エフェクトや、DD-500 Delay、MD-500 Modulation、RV-500 Reverb から移植された高度なアルゴリズムによるエフェクトをはじめ、ハイ・クオリティな BOSS エフェクトを多数搭載
9.STOMPBOX 機能により複数のパッチでセッティングを共有し、コンパクト・ペダルを接続している時のように簡単なセッティング変更が可能
10.割り当てる機能と LED カラーを自由に変更可能な、10 個のフットスイッチとエクスプレッション・ペダルを装備
12.Bluetooth(R)機能を内蔵しiOS/Android に対応した専用エディターからワイヤレスでパッチの編集/管理が可能

* 画像はサンプルです。

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Ishibashi Music Corporation is one of the largest and most respected Musical Instrument retail chain stores in Japan. The company is highly regarded world wide as a reliable seller of top quality USED and VINTAGE instruments.

Domestically the Ishibashi Music Corporation also handles a large amount of NEW inside of Japan. We have over 11 stores around Japan including Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Not all of the items you purchase from us are in our Shibuya store in Tokyo where we do all of our international communications from.

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