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RoShi Pedals / Plexition Fuzz [80]

RoShi Pedals / Plexition Fuzz [80]

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<A companion to the fuzz
Plexition was developed with one of its purposes in mind: to be placed at the rear of a fuzz. We have been working on the development of a Booster to respond to this opinion for some time.

There are various approaches to booster design, such as a booster that emphasizes the middle range, a booster that cuts bass, a booster that adds gain, and so on. I had tried various types of booster prototypes, but I was not satisfied with them and gave up on them.

Then I came across an amp that gave me the idea for the Plexition. The amp had a wild sound, but depending on the pick, it also had a delicate, glassy sound. When the SMUG FACE Ge is crossed with it, it expresses the roughness of fuzz to the fullest. Moreover, not only that, the compatibility with the SMUG FACE Ge was wonderful, and the softness of the SMUG FACE added to the sound made me feel that it was a sound that could be called a single completed form. Inspired by this sound, we created the Plexition.
It is not only compatible with SMUG FACE, but also with Octavia and TONE BENDER.
It will expand the range of applications for various FUZZs!

<About the Gain Switch.
The switch in the upper right corner allows you to select from three different Gain settings. From left to right: Crunch, Normal, and High Gain. The Gain Switch is not a typical diode switch; it is designed to allow you to select the frequencies you want to emphasize. The Gain Switch allows you to obtain deep distortion without losing the contour of the sound.

<The Low Cut Switch is located in the middle of the Gain Switch.
This switch in the middle allows you to select the amount of bass." No cut (center) when used as a fuzz booster. When you use it to push an amp or distort the Plexition by itself, you can select right or left.

< The level of the outputs is very high.
This is a very large output. When using it for the first time, gradually increase the output level from 0. The output level should be high enough to play headphones.

<About the settings
If you want to make the most of the high tone of the fuzz, try setting the TONE level to full.
If the gain of the Plexition is turned up too high, the fuzz with high output will be saturated.
When combined with the SMUG FACE, normal or crunch is recommended for the gain switch.
When combined with ELF FAZZ or "R" FAZZ, it is recommended to use the Gain Switch at high gain and low gain.
Plexition has less bass. The minimum amount of bass is left in order to express the power of the fuzz. If you feel that there is not enough bass, it is easier to create the sound by turning up the bass of the amp a little.
It responds linearly to the guitar volume. Gain can be controlled at hand.

Power source: 9V battery or 9V DC center-minus
With LED
Mechanical true bypass
Although we have taken the utmost care in manufacturing this product, there may be some dirt, scratches, or blurred printing. Please understand that almost all work is done by hand.

* The image is a sample.
Plexitionは、ファズの後段に配置する事を目的の一つに開発しました。 ファズは音は気に入っているけど、バンドのアンサンブルでは「音が抜けてこない」「音が小さい」「ブースターを使うとファズの良さが減ってしまう」を活かしきれない。RoShi Pedalsでは、以前からこの意見に応えるBoosterの開発に取り組んでいました。


そんな中あるアンプと出会う事でPlexitionの構想が生まれました。そのアンプはワイルドな表情をしながらもピッキング次第でガラスのような繊細さも感じるサウンドを持っていました。そこにSMUG FACE Geを掛け合わせるとファズのザラつきを余すところなく表現してくれる。しかもそれだけでなくSMUG FACE Geとの相性が素晴らしく、SMUG FACEの柔らかさが加わる事で一つの完成形とも言えるサウンドに感じました。そのサウンドに触発されて製作したのがPlexitionです。
SMUG FACEはもちろんですが、OctaviaやTONE BENDERとの相性も抜群です。

<Gain Switchについて>
右上にあるSwitchは3つのGainを選択できます。左からクランチ、ノーマル、ハイゲイン。これは一般的なダイオードの切り替えではありません。Gain Switchは強調する周波数を選択できるように設計しました。Gainが高くなるほど音は平坦となりやすいですが、このGain SwitchはRoShi Pedalsが考えるGainの深さに応じた周波数の調整する事で輪郭を失う事なく深い歪みを得られます。

<Low Cut Switchについて>

< アウトプットのレベルについて>

SMUG FACEと組み合わせる時には、Gain Switchはノーマルもしくはクランチがおススメです。
ELF ファZZや"R"ファzzと組み合わせる時には、Gain SwitchはハイゲインでGainを下げる方がおススメです。


* 画像はサンプルです。

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