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USED Epiphone / 1958 Korina Flying V Natural [10]

Serial Number : U98121917

[SN U98121917] USED Epiphone / 1958 Korina Flying V Natural [10]

Item Code: 10-2800001901508
Condition: USED
Store: [10] nagoya

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We have a beautiful, clean 1998 Epiphone 1958 Corinna Flying V in stock!

The serial number of this guitar is U98121917, so we think it was made in Korea (Korea) in December 1998. It has open black pickups and black pickguard, so it might be the version that was spot distributed around 1999-2000.
This guitar has been cleaned and maintained by our repair center, including fret filing, nut groove adjustment, and other general setup work.
As for the exterior condition, there are a few dents on the lower tip of the body and a few minor scratches on the tip of the head. There are also traces of other bruises on the body and head, but they seem to be minor. On each surface of the body, there are cracks in the paint film less than one centimeter in size, which may be due to age-related deterioration, and small contaminants (tiny dust and fiber debris) that may have been introduced during the manufacturing process (painting process, etc.), but may have surfaced as a result of paint film penetration due to age. There are almost no belt buckle scratches or rivet marks on the pants, so it may not have been played standing up! The pickguard and pickup rings are black, so the scratches stand out, but we think they may be scratch marks from pick scratches and polishing during care. The metal parts are gold, so there are some rusting, peeling, and smudging due to aging, but considering the age of the instrument, it looks natural and cool! The wiring work on the controls shows no evidence that the PU has been replaced or the pickup covers have been removed, so the condition of this guitar is considered to be roughly original! (Please note that we could not find any detailed information about the part number/model number or the name of the type of Epiphone pickups used here.) There are some shape processing marks on the corner of the pickguard around the bridge pickup, but we cannot determine if it is a rough processing at the time of manufacture or what. The non-slip rubber on the side of the body is deteriorating with age. The cruson style peg bushing on the head surface tends to have some gaps and lifts.
However, although this particular one has been in production for more than 20 years, it looks clean and beautiful and is in moderately good condition! (The soft case, which seems to be non-genuine, is worn out.)
The bridge pickup height adjustment screw has been replaced due to rust.
The jack plate had a defect in the mounting position, so it was repositioned and reinstalled. Therefore, there is a difference in the color of the area around the jack plate. Also, there is a hole in the jack plate that is hidden by the jack plate, but it is located at the defective position.

Neck condition: No problem as it is now.
There is enough room for truss rod.
80-70% frets remaining.
String height on 12F 6th string side: approx. 2.0mm, 1st string side: approx. 1.5mm
Country of OriginKorea
Year of manufacture 1998
CaseNon-genuine soft case
No accessories
Item rank: B+: Some scratches, but no problem in normal use.
Serial number: U98121917
Weight: 3.04kg

外観のコンディションにつきましてはボディ下部の先端には立て掛けて置いたりしてできるような打痕が数点とヘッド先端にも軽症な打ち傷が確認できます。その他にもボディ部位やヘッド部位にも打ち傷の痕跡がございますが軽症な具合かと感じられます。ボディ部位の各面で経年劣化によると思われます1センチ未満の塗膜クラックや製造時(塗装工程など)に混入したと考えられます小さな混入物(極小の塵や繊維ゴミ)が確認できますが、経年による塗膜浸透の結果で表面化したのかもしれません。ベルトのバックル傷やパンツのリベット痕が殆ど見当たりませんので立ってのプレイはしていないのかもしれません! ピックガードやピックアップリングが黒色なのでキズが目立っていますがピックのスクラッチ痕とお手入れの際の磨きによる傷痕かと思われます。各金属パーツはゴールドパーツなので経年劣化によるクスミや剥がれと錆が発生していますが経年期間を考えますと自然な感じでカッコイイです! コントロールの配線作業の痕跡からはPUが交換されたりピックアップカバーを外した痕跡は感じられませんでしたのでコンディションにつきましては粗方がオリジナルと思われます! (こちらのエピフォン製ピックアップの品番/型番や種類名など、詳しい表記は探せませんでしたのでご了承くださいませ。) ブリッジピックアップ周辺のピックガードの角に形状の加工跡がございますが製造時の粗加工なのかなんなのかは判断できかねますのでご了承くださいませ。ボディ側面の滑り止めゴムは経年の劣化が進行中です。ヘッド表面のクルーソンスタイルのペグブッシュには浮きや隙間が発生しがちでございます、当時の製造工法などが要因なのでしょうか?
でも、こちらの個体は製造から20年以上を経た個体でございますが清潔感が漂う美品で適度に良好なコンディションかと感じられますよ! (非純正と思われますソフトケースは草臥れています。)

12F上の弦高6弦側:約2.0mm 1弦側:約1.5mm

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Ishibashi Music Corporation is one of the largest and most respected Musical Instrument retail chain stores in Japan. The company is highly regarded world wide as a reliable seller of top quality USED and VINTAGE instruments.

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